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Excellent product

Absolutely love it

It goes to 11

Got the quad horn in the Makita format and it is now the loudest tool that I own! Absolutely love the thing. The remote is very handy…lol. Looks to be a quality build. Thank you Impact Train Horns

DeWalt Quad Impact Train Horn

This horn is awesome and alot of fun with the remote. It’s fun to stash it somewhere and surprise someone when they get close.

Very impressive unit

Built with pride and absolutely sounds like a train

There’s 80% chance you will shit your pants if someone scares you with this train horn! 😂😂😂

I love it! Remote is awesome

The Wow factor

A big hit with my grandsons baseball team!
They summed it up by yelling one word …..

5 Horn - Horns Only
Brian Wilson

5 Horn - Horns Only

Loving my impact train horn, just wish I had enough room under my hood to place it inside with my...

Loving my impact train horn from Milwaukee… just wish I had enough space under my hood to place it…
Having that remote is amazing to control it from my keychain…

Happy I bought this

Smooth ordering process… My order was shipped the same day, and it arrived in two days and I picked the free shipping… Everything was packaged very well, the horns were individually wrapped with bubble wrap. The train horn works as advertised

Very professional build! Great people!

Makita Quad Impact Train Horn
Christian Jockisch
Most crazy, useless, pointless, best wunderfull Tool

I bought the Makita quadhorn after a few videos on youtube. Somthing like this you will never find in Germany. Oh my god, its so crazy, so loud. What a fun using it for pranks and making shit with your buddys....It works perfect, incl. the remot quality....i love it...

I bought the Dewalt dual horn and the siren horn. Dual horn is definitely a lot louder but the siren horn is still pretty cool and a fun toy in the stands.

I coach youth baseball, soccer and football… definitely needed this :)

Definitely wakes up the kids

A+ A+

Quick shipping. Perfect product!

Definitely gets the attention of EVERYTHING!

Very fun!

Awesome !!!!

Bad ass

This thing is loadddddd

Ryobi Quad Impact Train Horn

Great security

I deliver gasoline in the middle of the night. I keep the horn in my truck's fittings bin, and the fob in my pocket. If wacky people come around, I'm ready to give them a good blast on the horn. Can't imagine they would stay around after that - they would probably leave in a panic. This thing is incredibly loud. Besides being great security, it's also great fun. LOL! Glad I got it. I got the 4 tone, by the way. Awesome!

We love it

Loves the horn. He uses it all the time. His favorite part is the remote.

Switzerland here

The product arrived beautifully. Shipping was a little faster than I was expecting, and I did not have to pay any custom fees which was surprising.

The remote is definitely a great addition. She’s loud!!!!! 😂😂😂

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