Impact Train Horns

Quad Horn DIY Kit

$129.99 USD

The DIY kit comes with just about everything you need. Horns, compressor, wiring and all mounting hardware. You may need other supplies. You can use this kit for almost any impact driver and some drivers. (Will not work on Milwaukee M12 or Makita) 

The DIY kit does work with Cars/ATV/Ect. 

-Metal horns

-Build time approximately 1 hour 

-No returns for this kit

Product information

  • Impact Train Horn (ready to honk from the box)
  • Metal Horns
  • Remote Control - 160ft range (optional)
  • Battery (optional)
  • Charger (optional)

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No real maintenance needs to be done to this product. 

If you are excessively pressing the trigger on the train horn and you feel the compressor getting hot, give the train horn a break and let it cool down. 

Most of our train horns will spit out a gray substance from the compressor to the hose. That's normal and will eventually stop and run perfectly normal still.

It’s highly recommended to remove the battery when storing your train horn.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jim a.
Great kit

Horns sound good


Pretty cool I am excited but no instructions to build it. Kinda lost right now.

Simon S

I purchased a kit and installed it to a Hart driver. It took me a long time and doesn’t look as good as the pre built ones but it still does the job. 4/5

Michael Scholz

I purchased the Bosch quad train horn and what can I say: AMAZING!!!!!! Its absolut fun and a must have for a grown-up kid like me ;-)))))

Brandon Fish

Purchased the quad horn kit and put it on a Dewalt Drill DCD780. The system works as described and is very loud. I am very mechanically inclined and was able to install it in about an hour or less. My only 2 complaints are there are zero instructions included and next to nothing online to help someone put this kit together so figuring out the wiring was kind of challenging (may have over thought it) Also, one of the horns had a bad paint job and you can tell someone saw it and tried to use the old black sharpie touch up trick. I doubt this was done at the seller level, most likely at the manufacture.

These negatives are fairly minor and wouldn't detour me from purchasing another kit but wanted to put this out there.

only tools I used was simple wire strippers and crimpers, Dremel with barrel sander, utility knife, and a T10 torx driver. and 10MM wrench.


Told me some time to figure it out but its very possible. I needed to buy more wire, relay and a no/off button.


It took me a while to get it all going but it doesn’t look exactly like the pre-built models. It’s my fault though

Abe Dease

The kit had everything I needed. A+