Seeking a high-quality, attention-grabbing horn that leaves an impact? Check out the Impact Train Horns, proudly crafted in the USA. These air horns are built to produce a potent and attention-grabbing blast that demands notice.

Crafted with precision from top-grade materials, the Impact Train Horns are built to withstand even the toughest conditions. Their sleek and stylish design adds a touch of class to any vehicle, and their easy installation process means you can have them up and running in no time.

Whether you're a truck driver, RV enthusiast, or off-road adventurer, our Impact Train Horns are the perfect choice for anyone looking to make a statement. With their superior sound output and unbeatable quality, these air horns are sure to become your go-to accessory for getting noticed on the road or off the beaten path.

So why settle for a weak and ineffective horn when you can have the best? Order a train horn today and experience the difference for yourself.


Does the train horn require any installation or wiring?

No, it does not require any installation or wiring. It is a portable device that is ready to use straight out of the box.

Can the volume of the horn be adjusted?

No, the volume is not adjustable. It operates at a fixed sound level of up to 150db, depending on the model.

How far away can you use the remote?

The remote can be used from just over 160ft. If you have clear and unobstructed path it may work from over 200ft.

What material are the horns made out of?

The horns are made of metal, ensuring durability and a high-quality sound output.

Is one brand louder than the others?

No, each tool brand performs very similar to each other.

 How is the horn powered?

All train horns are powered by that tool brands respected battery. Simply connect the battery and it is ready to go, eliminating the need for external power sources.

I need a train horn tomorrow! What can you do?

We have overnight and express 2 day shipping available. The cutoff time for overnight shipping is 12:00 pm EST. Give us a time if you need more assistance.

How fast is shipping?

We try to get each order shipped the same day. However, during periods of high demand and an influx of orders, there may be a 1-3 day delay.